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Cammie Davis |

Hello Everyone,


I hope you and your families are happy and well. I just wanted to give you a little update on Randy. Thankfully, he has completely recovered from his fall. Apparently, when the doctors performed his neck surgery in New Orleans, they damaged his vocal cords in the process. His voice is very whispery for lack of a better description. He still loves to talk so it has not slowed him down but just a little hard to understand him. Hurricane Ida caused quite a disruption at Sunrise. The Sunrise in Baton Rouge had to take in 34 residents from the Sunrise in Metairie . Needless to say there was a house full for about 10 days. They also lost electricity and were running on generator power for about 2 weeks. Thankfully, things have calmed down and the residents seemed to have faired the upheaval in stride. He still knows me and has no problem calling me by name. He also knew Lindsey when she visited on Sunday. We are excited to welcome a new grandchild in April. Will and Danielle are expecting their 3rd. Their oldest daughter turned 5 on September 17th and Coco is 17 months. I have included a few pictures of the family from Everly’s party. Please continue to keep Randy in your prayers. We feel so blessed to call you all friends.